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Now, are these as good as Christine's chocolate chip cookies? I'm not a huge fan of cookies....period....but Christine's cookies are worth IMMERSING oneself into...they're THAT good!

Kyle Minor

Yas... just TRY them. I DOUBLE DOG DARE you.

Big Sister

I made these yesterday and was surprised by many things. One, the flavor is much closer to a cookie that you would buy at a cookie bakery (I am thinking Anthony's on Valencia) than a home-baked cookie. I don't know if this was due to the change in vanilla (Xanath) or the chemistry of the ingredients or that I let the batter sit for a spell. Two, I got so many cookies out of this batch. I baked nearly three dozen and froze dough for two more dozen. This was probably because I scooped a more consistent ball with a Tablespoon than my typical willy-nilly glob with a spoon. Three, when using the Tollhouse or the Joy recipe I always find myself having to add flour after the first batch as the cookies flatten and I end up with big, flat cookies. I did not need to do this with these, they kept their shape really well. All in all, a success! Thank you!

Kyle Minor

So glad you like them, Nic!  Now I have to go to Xanath and buy some of their vanilla extract.

Save some of that saved dough, and we'll bake them up when we return to SF!

Big Sister

Will do! I can bring them to VRB at Bar Tartine.

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