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[this is good] OK, in all honesty, I am not a huge turkey fan. That said, this sounds seriously delicious. I am definitely keeping this recipe handy.

Kyle Minor

This is the method that keeps on giving. Turkey lovers like you, Elly, can eat for days afterward on the results.  It might seem like a lot of work... and i in a way it is... but it's well worth it. Good luck!


[ciò è buono] Ahh yes, I remember the demi-grace slipping into the sink too.  But what I remember most is the good time (and great food!  Shout out to Toph's cranberry-orange relish) we had sitting 'round the table in your old apartment.  I love the series!!  (Though I am also hoping for a series on Christmas party prep next month.)

xoxoxo Tard

Kyle Minor

It WAS a great time, wasn't it, Lainey! -- s usual when The Blacks are guests. Watch for the cranberry-orange relish recipe in the next post!

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