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although you haven't tried them -- i can attest to these lemony cupcakes being delicious! thank god you're blogging again so you can post about your baking! welcome back.


[this is good] I LOVE your posts!! The recipe sounds yummy too, and I am not a pudding lass!


Well I love a good pudding :) and will have to give this one a go, though I'm sadly a very very poor baker, so have no idea what will happen...I blame my oven...my husband thinks otherwise.

Nice post Kyle - I lika your style!

Kyle Minor

That's the best part about pudding, Sam. No baking necessary!


I've made that poundcake recipe from the Cake Bible!  It made great petit fours.  Next time, you could flavor it after it's done baking by making a symple syrup flavored with lemon liqueur (or lemon juice) and brush or spray that on the cake while it's still warm.

Kyle Minor

Natiel... that's exactly what CB author Rose Levy Bernbaum says to do when making the lemon variation, so we did!  We also added poppy seeds to one loaf, but left the other plain.  They were both great, but I have to admit I liked the texture of the poppy seed a bit better.


I'm going to try this one this weekend - wish me luck!!


I do love a lemon - and that pudding sounds delicious! Can you now testify and tell us what thhe cupcakes tasted like? Mind you, even if they were dry and unlemony, I think you deserve a prize of at least 100 different shape baking tins just for the presentation of the one cupcake. Mine usually look like they've been baked on a BBQ......

Just one Q - what's AP flour?


Kyle Minor

Jenny... they actually did taste fine!  The lemon oil in the zest really did give a nice lemon taste to the cake itself, so that was great.

The lemon juice mixed into the buttercream frosting (the uncooked kind) gave it a tang that made it taste a bit like cream cheese frosting. I suppose that makes sense, since there may have been a little of a 'curdling' effect between the lemon juice, butter and milk in the frosting.

The lemon pudding mixed with whipped cream was a little too tough to really pipe into these relatively dense cakes, so I think I likely shouldn't have diluted the pudding at all. Still, it was a nice surpise in the ones that worked.

I'm glad you liked the picture... I must say, they didn't look as impressive in person. Every starlet in Hollywood can tell you that proper lighting during photography is everything!

Re: AP flour... this is "All Purpose Flour," or "white flour." This is as opposed to cake flour, whole wheat flour, or any of the other various types. AP is pretty much the standard thing people use here in the US when the recipe just calls for "flour."

The Taurean Foodie

[this is good] Beautifully written!! YUMMY YUMMY Gosh the Cream Brulee has me drooling.... I must add some recipes to my own blog soon. Best wishes to you all.


[this is good]

sound delish!  If you need to bake wheat free again, I would check out The Gluten-Free Gourment's (aka Bette Hagman) recipes.  She has truly mastered the art of baking for celiacs.  My niece is celiac and I have wheat sensitivity.  It is actually possible to bake wonderful tasty wheat free stuff! 

Kyle Minor

Foxsydee... thanks for the good word on Betty Hagman.  I wonder if Kay and Grant actually own any of those?  What a great gift idea!

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